Queen Kia's 8-Step Guide To Friendships

Meet Queen Kia, the smartest and most wonderful Know-It-All (KIA). Giving advice to kids on how to succeed in this world brings this 3rd grader so much joy. In this 8-step guidebook, this spunky young lady will offer practical tips for all children on how to navigate the wonderful (and sometimes wavering) world of friendships.

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I am Aniesha Jackson

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About The Author

Who Is Aniesha Jackson?

I am an author, school counselor, and mother of four who equips children with skills and knowledge to be their best, fulfilled, and emotionally-healthy self.

I write books to help children successfully navigate issues that arise in the world of "kiddom." Topics such as friendships, death, anxiety, divorce, resilience, and more will be addressed in an engaging way and will feature characters from diverse backgrounds.


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