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Aniesha Jackson is proud of every project that she's created. Browse through the list of titles below.

Queen Kia's 8-Step Guide to Loss and Grief

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Summer 2023

Losing someone dear to your heart is tough for anyone, but especially for children. In Queen Kia's 8-Step Guide to Loss and Grief, Nykia shares eight steps on how she handled the death of her best friend, her grandmother.  Queen Kia explains what death is, how to cope with your rollercoaster of emotions, and how to remember your loved one.

Coming Soon!

Queen Kia's 8-Step Guide to Friendships


March 1, 2021

Meet Nykia, a self-proclaimed Know-It-All! In this guidebook, Queen Kia shares her knowledge on all things friendship. In eight steps, she shares how to make friends, how to be a good friend, and how to choose friends wisely. This book is perfect for children ages 5-9 and for children who have some hiccups when interacting with their peers.

La Reina Kia Y Sus 8 Pasos Para La Amistad (Spanish version) available for Hispanic Heritage Month on October 3, 2021!

Fun For Everyone: A-Z Coloring and Activity Book For Kids


June 16, 2022

Bored No More!  Packed with over 100 pages, Fun For Everyone has entertaining activities for each letter of the alphabet for children to try (with adult supervision, of course!) when they are with their friends, siblings, or by themselves. Children will enjoy coloring pictures that feature kids camping, painting, playing with yo-yos, visiting a museum, flying kites, and so much more!

Book includes:​

  • 50+ unique and FUN illustrations and activity pages

  • Single-sided

  • Printed on bright white paper

  • Perfect for children ages 5 and older

Merry & Bright with Queen Kia: A Holiday Coloring and Activity Book

M&B Mockup-candycane.jpg

October 15, 2021

Celebrate the holidays with Queen Kia in a 100+ page coloring and activity book that features scenes from the most wonderful time of the year! Queen Kia will bake cookies for Santa,  build a snowman, celebrate Kwanzaa, and so much more!

Book includes:​

  • 50+ unique, FUN, and attractive illustrations

  • Large 8.5x11 coloring pages

  • Single-sided illustrations to avoid bleed through and to allow for framing

  • Printed on bright white paper

  • Perfect for ages 4-10 and older!

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5-Star Review:  An Excellent Resource Book for School Counselors, Teachers, & Parents

"Social skills are an aspect of school that contributes to children’s success. There are instances when children struggle with social skills, such as friendships. Aniesha Jackson, an author, captures the difficulties some children have with making friends. This book outlines steps children should take to make new friends. Each step is developmentally appropriate for children. Furthermore, this book has relatable language and pictures. Children will enjoy reading this book to either learn or strengthen their friendship-making skills. As students reenter schools, this book can serve as a resource for elementary school counselors, school social workers, school psychologists, administrators, teachers, and parents to help students adjust to interacting and socializing with school peers. I highly recommend this book to anyone who supports children."

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