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Off your to do list!

Ready to add published author to your list of accomplishments? I can bring your book to life!

Karoy Legacy Publishing Agency will help you create a book that is:

  • Eye-Appealing

  • Professionally-designed

  • Inspiring 

Authors will:

  • Own the rights to their book

  • Receive 100% royalties

  • Receive an electronic copy of their book

What are you waiting for? Book a discovery call to see how KLP Agency can bring one of your dreams to fruition.

Ready to Get Published
Aspiring Authors: About

Which type of book

you are creating?


Open Book

You have written a book that is primarily text-based ( i.e. novel, self-help book, memoir, adult fiction, poetry book, cookbook, or any other book that does not require illustrations.

Children's Book

Image by Hello I'm Nik

You have written a book that requires colored illustrations ( i.e children’s book).

Coloring Book

Colorful Books

You want to create a coloring book for children or adults.


Notebook and Pen

You have written a guided journal that the reader can use to write down their thoughts and answer thought-provoking questions you the author has created.

Aspiring Authors: Work

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