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Media Information Kit

Aniesha Jackson looks forward to speaking to any media outlets about her projects and passion for equipping young scholars with knowledge, skills, and confidence to be their best and emotionally-healthy self.

Branding Table

Karoy Legacy Celebrates Autism Awareness Month, Part 1

Autism Awareness Month is upon us and Karoy Legacy wants to celebrate and educate at the same time. Watch the first of three conversations that center on Autism. This first episode answers what is autism, how does social skills training help children with autism thrive, and how can Queen Kia's 8-Step Guide to Friendships serve as a resource to parents and educators when teaching children with learning challenges.


Celebrating Black Literacy

I had the honor of sharing my writing journey with The King's Press, LLC on April 21st. I explained my spunky character Queen Kia and I discussed the importance of diversity in children's literature. Please watch and enjoy!


Autism Awareness Month Celebration, Part 2

The conversation continued on Karoy Legacy's Facebook Page! This discussion centered around autism in the school setting, what parents can expect from diagnosis to IEPs, and what can parents, caregivers, and childcare facilities do to help children with autism thrive outside of school.


Autism Awareness, Finale

Autism Awareness Month is drawing to a close. Join Nicole and Aniesha as they discuss IEP basics, social skills, routines, and share a few DIY projects that can help soothe children when they are feeling overwhelmed.


Book Reading!

I am still floating on air from doing my first in-person reading of Queen Kia’s 8-Step Guide to Friendships at the Clarke Creek Community Park. (Virtual readings are great, but nothing compares to in-person!)

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